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Stories to tell

Given the interest of the people around him and concerned about the importance of acknowledging Quebec’s heritage, Mr. Rodrigue decided to give everyone the opportunity to visit his museum by appointment and enjoy a guided tour by himself.

Today, the museum still occupies the same premises and continues to expand. The motto has become “A heritage to preserve” and the goal has always remained the same; to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research.

What to see

The museum features indoor and outdoor exhibits of heavy machinery, blacksmith and carpenter shops decorated with antique tools, displays of antique toys and scale models, a room with period artifacts, a showroom of vintage vehicles, and more.


The “p’tit train” of the Laurentians

This is the most popular room! Located close to the site of the former Christieville train station, visitors can follow the “p’tit train” as it travels through dioramas replicating places in the Laurentians, on one of the most beautiful G-Scale model train layouts in Canada.

Heavy machinery

This space is dedicated to Claude Rodrigue’s father. Here visitors can admire mechanical shovels and tractors, including Claude Rodrigue’s first bulldozer which is the subject of a very special story.


Vintage toys

This area is bound to make everyone nostalgic when they see all the old metal toys. A very impressive collection in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors reminds the older generation of the fond memories of childhood and amazes the younger generation.


The artisans' corner

Visitors can admire the superb work of Quebec artisans who have made beautiful hand-crafted wooden objects, including superb miniature sailboats.


The forge and woodworking shop

This is the most beautiful room in the museum. Visitors can see a whole array of beautiful antique tools used in the past by carpenters and blacksmiths to work wood and metal.


Daily life of the period

This is a space reminiscent of family life from another era and is dedicated to women and their importance in the family’s daily life.


Transportation on snow

Visitors can see several vehicles adapted for transportation on snow: snowmobiles, sleds and others, including a beautiful “snowplane” from 1939.


The lumbermen

A beautiful collection of saws, axes and other tools that were used by loggers to clear land in a previous era.

Upcoming events

Model train day

December 16, 2023
Follow the event! Once a month, model train enthusiasts meet. This is the opportunity to discover the museum’s miniature train which passes through representative places in the Laurentians. Reserve your place to find out everything about the P’tit train des Laurentides!

Come and see us!

All are welcome to come and visit these artifacts from another era. There is no admission fee; however, visitors are invited to show their appreciation by leaving a donation to support MS research and by signing the guest book.